PureStiller Mini,made in Japan

Traditional herbal distillers focused on distillation efficiency, so the function and the shape as a chemical instrument were regarded important. Their weak points were that they were difficult to handle, and didn’t match with the atmosphere of other interior decorations or the room.

Now, we have developed a compact, cute, and easy-to-handle herbal distiller “PureStiller mini”, taking the opinions of aroma business operators.

6 features of PureStiller mini

The whole distillation process can be seen.
As the distillation pot (flask) and the cooler are made of glass, the whole distillation process can be seen. You can observe how materials are distilled to make herbal oil and water. Perfect for workshops at aroma schools and for demonstrations, too.
Can be used as an interior decoration.
The distillation pot is set on a wooden stand, and the heat source (electric stove) is covered with pottery base. It doesn’t look like a chemical instrument. Beautifully rounded shape can be enjoyed as an interior decoration.
Pottery base
In collaboration with “Atelier Tabinokiseki”, we have made a simple and tasteful pottery base perfect for “PureStiller mini”.
Beautiful glasswork made by craftsmen.
All of the glass parts are hand-made carefully by craftsman at a factory for laboratory glassware in Fukuoka Prefecture. Delicate customization and repairs are available.
Highly efficient oil separator is attached.
To improve the precision of herbal distillation, the separating process between water and oil is very important. “PureStiller mini” includes a highly efficient oil separator as standard, which is also used for large-scale distillers.
JAPAN Quality!
All parts for “PureStiller mini” are Japan made. And as all of the assembling are done in our company, stable supply of high-quality and reliable products are made possible.

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Users's Voice

The following are impressions of “PureStiller mini” from aroma business operators and beginners in herbal distillation. Please send us your opinions and impressions, too.

  • I was impressed! Though the pot and the volume of herb are small, “PureStiller mini” does a very good job. (Mr. K.Y)
  • I was able to set “PureStiller mini” easily by seeing the illustrated manual and the video. It is popular with our customers, too. Might be perfect for a display event. (Ms. N.H)
  • One of the merits of “PureStiller mini” is you can try distillation easily. It is beautiful to see and makes you feel happy. It is also wonderful as an interior decoration. I think any aroma therapists want it. (Ms. K.A)
  • I have used some bigger distillers made of glass, copper, and ceramic. I am happy with this desk size distiller, because it is very simple to use. (Mr. A.M)

Product Specification

Specification of the distiller

Size(W×D×H) 330×230×330mm
Weight Approx. 3.5kg
Contents Distiller (glass)
Distillation flask
Oil separator
Electric stove (200W/100V)
Pottery base
Wooden stand

Specification of distillation flask

Capacity of distillation flask 1 liter
Volume of herb Approx. 30 g ~ 110 g
Oil 0ml~2ml
Herbal water 100ml~200ml
Measurement conditions / Room temperature: approx. 25℃ / Extraction time: 1 hour after boiling
The extracted volume of oil and herbal water depends on the kind and condition (fresh or dry) of herb, and the distillation conditions.
Base price (Postage excluded)
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