PureStiller Lite [K-HJ200(OilSP)]

Small glass type. The capacity of the distillation pot is approximately 2 liter. The volume of herb for the pot is approximately 200 g ~ 300 g. As the distillation pot, the cooler, and the oil separator are made of heat-resisting glass, the whole distillation process can be seen. It is perfect for demonstrations at aroma shops or events, studies in classrooms and group activities, as well as for families and herb farms.

Tap water is needed for cooling. When there is no water supply near the apparatus, we recommend to use our “Simple water circulation device” sold separately. It can also save water. See the page “Simple water circulation device”.

PureStiller Lite
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Contents of PureStiller Lite [K-HJ200(OilSP)]
Distiller × 1, Electric stove × 1, Oil vial (100ml) × 3, Herbal water vial (200ml) × 3, Manual for Assembling and Usage × 1
Capacity of distillation pot Approx. 2 liter
Volume of herb Approx. 200 g ~ 300 g
Oil Approx. 1 ml
Herbal water 200ml~500ml
Power Electric stove(attached)
Weight Approx. 7.2kg
Size(W×D×H) 450×300×600mm
  • Measurement conditions Room temperature: approx. 25℃ / Extraction time: 1 hour after boiling
  • The extracted volume of oil and herbal water depends on the kind and condition (fresh or dry) of herb, and the distillation conditions.

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