Herbal decompression distiller

Our herbal distiller “PureStiller” has been receiving good reviews from university laboratories, aroma shops, and so on, thanks to its reasonable price and its easiness to introduce. With this apparatus, distillation can be done very easily. But as it is a product for using under the normal pressure, “PureStiller” has some limits regarding the components to be extracted or the quality of them.

Meanwhile, we got a lot of customers’ requests that they wanted to extract higher-quality oil, or that they wanted to extract oil without deteriorating the fragrance components of materials.

In order to meet their requests, we have developed a “herbal decompression distiller” which makes low temperature distillation possible. Like our other products, a lot of parts are made of glass, which can reduce costs and make customization easy. We can also provide the component analysis service by GC-MS, trial distillation, and distillation on commission in order to full support various distillation for your products.

Herbal decompression distiller

Various customizations are available including copper wool, the theoretical plate number with zeolite absorbent, the length and shape of connecting pipe, the shape of oil separator. We can offer the best distillation circumstance according to your materials!

Specification of Herbal decompression distiller

Product numberVD-SGJK24L-BL
Size (mm)750(W)x1230(H)x500~800(D) (depending on the fixture)
WeightApprox. 60kg
Product numberVD-SGJK24L-BL
ContentsDistillation pot (stainless steel), adjust fastener, O-ring flange, revolving stand (zinc plated) with casters
Glass partsConnecting pipe, thermometer for inside pot, primary cooler, secondary cooler, receiver, 125ml oil separator, two-port flask
Necessary peripheral equipmentVacuum pump, cooling water circulation apparatus, boiler stand, clamp (for fixing glass parts), and other glassware such as graduated cylinder and separatory funnel.

Component analysis service by GC-MS, trial distillation, and distillation on commission

We provide the component analysis service by GC-MS (gas chromatograph-mass spectrometry) which gives more detailed distillation results, trial distillation for those who are considering purchase of a herbal distiller, and distillation on commission for those who don’t have a distillation apparatus.