Examples of products

Shochu distiller

Herbal distillation and shochu clear liquor distillation have the same basic principle. But as the materials (herb or moromi-mash) and their conditions are different, we have developed several shochu distillers with well-devised connecting pipe, pot, and cooling part.

Pot distiller 100 liter/ 200 liter (For shochu clear liquor)

The distillation pot and the connecting pipe are made with pottery, which makes mild-tasting shochu.

Pot distiller 100 liter (Stainless type)

Originally manufactured for comparative experiments of a pottery pot and a stainless pot for making shochu. Herbal as well as shochu distillation is available. It is kept in our company at all times, and can do trial distillation and distillation in commission. The heat source is a boiler.

For further information, see the page “Pot distillers by Kohga”.